Jessica Koznedelev

Dietitian (Independent Practitioner)

Jess is an Accredited Practising Dietitian at Sustainable Nutrition based in Adelaide. Her passion areas include paediatric nutrition specialising in fussy eating, eating disorders, and chronic disease management. Jess’ approach to dietetics is non-traditional as she applies a Health At Every Size and non-diet approach to her practice. She believes that health is more than a number on the scale and that to make long-term sustainable changes there is more to nutrition than just what you eat.

Food is a big part of Jess’ life though as she comes from a background where food was always used to celebrate special occasions but also to fuel her sport and soul. This is probably why she enjoys cooking, creating recipes, growing foods, and trying new foods or places to eat. This big love for food is why she decided to study a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science and later a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics to help other people fall in love with food and the joys it brings rather than scrutinising and demonising it.

Being a part of the journey to making long-term changes is one of the most rewarding parts of Jess’ job as a dietitian. From the small wins to the big wins, anything is worth celebrating in her books as it is even the smallest changes¬†that create the biggest and longest-lasting impact on improving health and wellbeing.